Squatter turns millionairess after hitting jackpot

PETALING JAYA - A squatter found herself transformed into a multimillionaire overnight, all thanks to winning Sports Toto's 4D Jackpot 1 on Oct 19.

The 42-year-old clerk, who has been living with her parents since birth, will now be able to afford her own home.

The unnamed woman won RM13.7million (S$5.3 million) from the draw using the numbers 6695 and 6926.

According to her, the winning combination was her car and motorcycle registration numbers, a combination she has been consistently buying for about two years.

She said the money would enable her to buy their own house and invest in the property market.

"With the prize, I do not need to worry about my son's education any more," she said in a statement.

The woman, a loyal fan of Sports Toto, added that she did not expect to win such a large sum.

"I read the result from my mobile phone on the the night of the draw in disbelief. I thought I had only won more than RM10,000.

But the Sports Toto outlet agent told me that I could only claim the prize at Berjaya Times Square without knowing that I had actually won RM13.7 million."

She also said that she would continue to be a patron of Sports Toto.

The result of the draw, with the serial number of 4135/14, was announced on Oct 19.