Stop abusing Indian workers, Indian High Commission warns Malaysian bosses

KUALA LUMPUR - The High Com­mission of India warned Malaysian employers against ill-treating Indian national workers or they would risk losing visa privileges.

"If there is evidence of abuse and ill-treatment, the employers responsible will be withdrawn the privileges the Indian Government has extended to them like the PIO (Person of Indian Origin) card and visas," it said in a statement.

The Government of India issues the PIO Card to people of Indian origin to facilitate visa-free entries and stays in India, acquire property or get admission to education institutions in India.

The warning came about following a complaint lodged to the High Commission about a textile employer in Brickfields here, who had allegedly hit an Indian worker with a bottle for not turning up at work.

In the statement, the High Commission said it had received several complaints about alleged ill-treatment and abuse of Indian labourers working in Malaysia.

"The High Commission has been working closely with the Human Resources Ministry here to try and address their grievances so that such abuses are curtailed and remedial action taken," it said.