A strong Umno is crucial to success of BN: Najib

PEKAN - Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has called on Umno members to respect and accept with an open heart whatever decisions made by the grassroots regarding the upcoming party polls.

The Umno president said a strong united Umno was crucial to the success of Barisan Nasional in the next general election.

"As the Pekan Umno division chief, it is my responsibility to make sure we are all united. If we have unity, we will be successful in all of our struggles," said Najib before handing out sacrificial cows to his Pekan constituents here yesterday.

The Prime Minister also said loyalty and making sacrifices were values that should be observed by all in Umno.

"Throughout history, we have been successful in tackling challenges because we were willing to make sacrifices, some even with their lives.

"During the struggle for independence, some people sacrificed their lives but they were not successful because they were in small, disorganised groups," he said.

He said Umno had made sacrifices in the frontline for the sake of the people and thus, it was successful.

"Present and future challenges may be different from the time when we were struggling for independence but the core values remain the same. If we are willing to sacrifice and remain united, Allah will grant us victory," said Najib.

He added that politicians and community leaders should also be willing to make sacrifices to see their objectives met.

"However, we cannot see sacrifice as a means to our own personal gains. Otherwise, it will not be a sincere sacrifice.

"When our objectives are achieved, we can at least bask in the glory of our sacrifice. That is how we achieve success," he said.