Student dies after taking unknown medicine to end pregnancy

File photo of pills.
PHOTO: Reuters

A 20-YEAR-OLD pregnant student in the Klang Valley died after allegedly consuming medicine for abortion, China Press reported.

She had earlier complained of stomach ache at her home on Wednesday and her father had rushed her to a hospital.

She was pronounced dead shortly after being admitted.

Her body has been sent to the Selayang Hospital mortuary for a post-mortem.

The daily reported that the student was said to have kept her relationship with her boyfriend a secret from her family.

She was said to have bought the medicine herself before consuming it to abort the child.

Police are now waiting for the post-mortem report to get a clearer picture of the medicine she had taken.

They are also looking for the boyfriend to help facilitate investigation.

The case has been temporarily classified as sudden death.

> The daily also reported that an Indonesian sex worker took along her six-year-old child when provi­ding sexual services at a flat unit in Malacca.

A police team which raided the unit on Wednesday was shocked to see the child in the living room with seven other women, who were also believed to be sex workers.

Initial police investigation re­­vealed that the woman was married to a local who was a drug addict and caretaker for a vice syndicate.

Police seized 31 condoms, four bottles of lubricants and a bottle of massage oil in the raid. They also seized two logbooks recording each woman's daily earnings.

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The coffeeshop operator imme­diately apologised and refused to accept payment from the man known as Yao Chong.

She told Yao that she would pay for his medical bill should he fall ill over the next few days.

Yao shared his experience on social media recently but did not state where the coffeeshop was.