Student in molest case scared into moving out


KAJANG - University student Cristal Chua is still fearful after being molested by a stranger at the condominium she rents.

She is afraid that the man may come back and has temporarily moved out of the place in Sungai Long.

Cristal Chua, Photo: The Star/ANN

The 22-year-old Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman student is now staying with her friend, Tammy Ong, 21.

Ong was with Chua during the attack on Tuesday afternoon.

The molester grabbed Chua's buttocks and then tried to grope Ong's breasts, only running away when Ong screamed at him.

"I don't dare to stay there now, I'll be staying with Tammy. I'm not sure when I'll return to my place. We'll see how it goes," said Chua, adding that her parents didn't want her to go back to the condo.

The mass communications student and Ong were at the Kajang district police headquarters yesterday to help in the investigation they also put together a photofit composite to help police identify the attacker.

Chua said Ong's house was further away from the university than to the condo, "but I feel much safer".

She said that she was fearful because the molester likely knew which unit she lived in, since he attacked them while they were outside its door, adding that she didn't not want to take the risk "as long as he is still out there".

The women said that one of their friends had apparently seen the man outside the condo after the attack, so they suspect that he may be a resident.

Shortly after they were attacked, Chua and Ong posted a live video on Facebook about the incident to warn other women to be more vigilant.

They said they did not do it to boost their social media presence or to get more followers, as thought by some people.

"We're just doing the right thing, to increase awareness among students and other people living in that area," Chua said.

"We also wanted to show that women are not easy to bully. We never expected it to go viral."

Chua (left) and Ong showing the police report outside the Sungai Long police station. Photo: The Star