Students in Malaysia missing at sea

SETIU - Two students were swept away by strong waves while swimming at the scenic Rhu 10 beach here.

As of press time, Mohd Naim Adnan from Kampung Seri Bengkal, Batu Pahat, and Mohd Wafiq Mohd Nor from Parit Yani, Yong Peng, are still missing.

Earlier, Ahmad Izzat Shahruddin, 17, who was also struggling in the water, was plucked out by seven others in the group.

However, they failed to rescue the other two due to the strong currents.

Search and rescue personnel will resume operation today after it was called off late yesterday due to nightfall.

State Fire and Rescue Department Zone One chief Wan Azmi Ahmad said the group of 10, including two teachers from several schools in Johor, was in the state to attend a religious event.

"They came to the beach here for a swim. Seven of them had already gotten out but three others remained in the shallow area, when suddenly a strong wave swept them away.

"One of them was pulled out to safety but they could not rescue the other two," he said when they met at the scene yesterday.

The latest incident came barely three days after five family members drowned at the Belukar Bukit waterfall after being sucked by strong water currents.

Meanwhile, Mohd Wafiq's elder twin brother Mohd Wafiy Mohd Nor, 17, who was also part of the group, prayed for a miracle to happen.

"I hope my brother is still alive. It was only yesterday that we spoke on our future plans," he said.

Mohd Naim's father Adnan Abdul Samad, 50, who also took part in the religious event, said he had had dinner with his son a day before the incident.

"He took some pictures at the beach and sent them to his mother, who reminded him not to go for a swim in the area.

"It's too late to regret it now. I hope my son can be found and we are prepared for the worst," said the primary school teacher.