Students moonlighting as escorts to earn more

Some students at institutions of higher education have resorted to working as female escorts at night to make ends meet, Harian Metro reported.

During the day, they would dress in baju kurung (Malay dress) and tudung (scarf) and by night they would wear singlets and short skirts to entertain guests.

The students would get their clients from men they befriended on social media and would charge RM50 (S$19.22) to RM150 to accompany them to karaoke centres.

A student who only wanted to be known as Ika, 20, said she received only RM200 a month from her parents and some money from a study loan.

"The amount is not enough for my studies and daily needs and I had to think of ways to get more money," said Ika, who would make about RM1,000 a month from her night work.

"They will ask me to sing and dance but I do not sleep with them," she said.