Sun bears found at private zoo moved to wildlife park

KOTA KINABALU - Two sun bears that were kept under poor conditions at a private zoo in the east coast of Tawau have been relocated to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park near here.

The bears, which were anaesthetised, arrived safely in a four-wheel drive after an eight-hour overnight road trip on Friday.

The male and female sun bears were constantly monitored by the park's veterinarian and officer-in-charge Dr Roza Sipangkui.

She said the transfer went smoothly, adding that the team left Tawau at 5.20pm on Friday and arrived at the park here at 2am the next day.

"One of the sun bears does not seem to be in good health. But the other seems healthy enough, and will be a good candidate for rehabilitation, " said Dr Roza.

Sabah Wildlife Department deputy director Augustine Tuuga said there was a delay in getting the two bears to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. But he is happy that the two bears were closely monitored.

The Star had reported in October last year of the two sun bears which were kept under poor conditions at a private zoo. Following the report, the Sabah Wildlife Department went into action to rescue the bears.

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