Supermarket thieves eat, drink before escaping with $195,000

Supermarket thieves eat, drink before escaping with $195,000

MALAYSIA -They got into the supermarket by breaking through an asbestos sheet on the roof. Within an hour, the gang made off with RM500,000 (S$195,000) worth of currency notes from two safety deposit boxes and seven cashier counters.

The coins were left untouched.

The gang even managed to eat and drink in the supermarket in Puchong, Selangor. Their feasting and drinking was caught on CCTV cameras. The incident happened on Monday morning.

There are different versions as to how many people were involved in the robbery. China Press reported that it was a three-member gang while The New Straits Times said it was the handiwork of one person.

China Press reported that the gang escaped using the same route with which they had entered the supermarket. The security alarm did not go off during the burglary, the report said.

It was only when a supermarket employee reported for work at 8am on the same day that the burglary was discovered. The supermarket's security head subsequently made a police report.

It is believed that the gang had familiarised themselves with the supermarket's layout, as well as its operations.

They also knew that there would be large sums of money which would not be deposited due to the national day holiday weekend in Malaysia. The Malaysian National Day was on Aug 31.


The CCTV footage showed that the men were unmasked. A security guard patrols the supermarket from 10pm daily. The guard on duty that night said he heard some noise, but thought it was a rat.

Subang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Yahaya Ramli told The New Straits Times that the suspects broke open all safes which contained the cash.

He added that the forensics team found several fingerprints at the scene.

Said ACP Yahaya: "Among other things that were found were a ski mask and a pair of gloves and several tools, including an iron fist."

A supermarket manager said the alarms are checked weekly. During the last inspection, the alarms were functioning normally, the manager said.

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