Surgeons remove bullet from shot Malaysian MyWatch chairman

Serdang Hospital director Datuk Dr Ardi Awang holding the bottle containing the bullet that was removed from Sanjeevan's rib cage

SERDANG - Surgeons at the Serdang Hospital here have safely removed the bullet lodged in MyWatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan's right rib.

He remains in critical but stable condition after undergoing a two-hour operation and the bullet was taken to the Cheras police forensics department for testing.

His father P. Ramakrishnan said doctors had told him that the next few days would be crucial for Sanjeevan.

Ramakrishnan had earlier lodged a police report at the Serdang Hospital police post over the presence of Jempol and Seremban police in the operation theatre.

He had also lodged a police report on Tuesday urging the Federal police to take over the investigation into the attempted murder on his son from the Negri Sembilan police, claiming that Sanjeevan had lodged complaints against several policemen in the state before he was shot.

Sanjeevan was shot by a motorcycle pillion rider on July 27 at a T-junction in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan.

The bullet pierced his arm and became lodged in the right side of his ribcage.

Sanjeevan was admitted into the operation ward at 2.30pm to remove the bullet, 18-days after he was shot at in Bahau.

His doctors made the decision as the crime watchdog advocate had developed a blood clot in his heart and lungs, making it difficult for him to breathe.