Survey: Malaysian drivers are an unhappy lot


PETALING JAYA - Malaysian drivers are among the unhappiest in the world, coming in 27th among the 30 countries ranked in a survey by the traffic and navigation application Waze. This is despite the country having some of the best roads.

In its first "Global Driver Satisfaction Index" (GDSI) published on Sept 29, Waze evaluated the driving experience of 50 million users in 32 countries and 167 metro areas.

Countries were ranked based on a single numerical score from satisfying (10) to miserable (1).

With an average score of 3.2, Malaysia was ranked 27 out of 30 countries in the "Wazeyness" index category, which measures the level of helpfulness and happiness within the Waze community.

Belgium topped the category with a score of 8.2, while Indonesia was ranked the lowest at 2.0.

Malaysians, however, thought well of the road systems, ranking them on par with those in Britain, with the two countries receiving a score of 7.4 in the road quality index, placing them in joint ninth spot.

Malaysia even beat other countries such as Indonesia (7.3), the United States (7.2) and France (7.1).

But Malaysia's lack of parking and access to petrol stations led to a low score of 1.4 in Waze's driver services index, placing Malaysia in the 27th spot.

The Philippines topped the chart in this category with a full score of 10, while Indonesia received the lowest with 1.0.

Malaysia was ranked 7.1 for dri­ver safety, placing them in the 23rd spot.

Argentina topped the category with a score of 9.8, while El Salvador received the lowest score of 3.3.

Malaysia was placed in the 14th spot with a score of 6.6 in the socio-economic index, which takes into account the access to cars and impact of fuel prices.

The United States topped the socio-economic index with a full mark of 10, while the Philippines received the lowest score of 0.

However, Malaysia was not ranked in Waze's traffic index that saw the Philippines with the lowest score of 0.4, and the Netherlands with the highest score of 8.1.

Overall, Malaysia came in 17th place with a score of 5.1 in Waze's most satisfied index, which avera­ges the score of the previous six categories.

Netherlands topped the list as being the most satisfied drivers in the world with a score of 7.9, while Brazilian drivers were the least sa­­tisfied with a score of 5.2.

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