Suspects in attempted murder of MyWatch chairman identified

PETALING JAYA - Police have identified the suspects behind the attempted murder of MyWatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said that while the suspects had been identified, the police still needed time to thoroughly investigate the case.

When asked about the revelation of an internal memo alleging that some policemen were involved with the underworld, Khalid said Sanjeevan never passed such a document to the police.

"I sent Bukit Aman's narcotics director to see him a while back but Sanjeevan's whistleblower refused to meet with him," he told a press conference after launching Ops Selamat yesterday.

"If there is indeed a memo, then pass it to us so that we can investigate."

PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli was quoted as saying that Sanjeevan had told him of his intention to expose alleged links between drug syndicates and some members of the police force.

Meanwhile, Sanjeevan is still awaiting surgery to remove the bullet from his body four days after being transferred to the Serdang Hospital.

His father P. Ramakrishnan, 64, who is keeping vigil at the hospital with his wife and family members, said his son was slowly recovering but had indicated he was still not in a stable condition.

"The bullet is still inside him and doctors are waiting for his condition to stabilise," Ramakrishnan told reporters at the hospital lobby yesterday.

There was heavy police presence at the intensive care unit and only immediate family members were allowed to visit Sanjeevan.

Ramakrishnan also appealed to the public to stop speculating about his son's condition and requested that everyone refer only to him for updates on Sanjeevan's condition and other related matters.

"In a period of a few hours, there were many statements issued by certain quarters to the media," he said.

"The statements were confusing and inaccurate."

Ramakrishnan also thanked the police and medical authorities for taking good care of his son.