Tackle graft or risk losing people's support: Govt told

KUALA LUMPUR - The Government must address the abuse of public funds and corruption or risk losing the people's support.

A central delegate from Pahang, Tee Choon Ser, pointed out that shocking details of mishandling of public funds were highlighted in the Auditor-General's annual report for almost two decades.

"This is a main concern among the people," said Tee during the debate at the MCA annual general meeting yesterday.

She regretted that there were no clear actions taken against those involved.

Another central delegate, Yong Ka Fai from Federal Territory, lamented on the problem of rising living costs.

He added that some MCA members and their families had lost confidence in MCA, thinking that the party did not do anything to address the problem.

He said MCA had to tackle the problem urgently in order to regain the members' confidence.

Tangga Batu state assemblyman Lim Ban Hong suggested that the party set aside allocations for all divisions, including areas that the party had lost in the recent general election.

"There is a need to conduct activities in the divisions in preparation for the next general election," said the central delegate from Malacca.