Tank parking?

A few netizens expressed their bewilderment upon seeing a photograph of what appears to be people trying to move a parked vehicle in order to make way for a - tank!

"Is the tank looking for parking? Attempting to parallel park?" asked several commenters on Facebook.

Others later clarified that the candid photo was taken at the Putra World Trade Centre during last week's Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2014 exhibition.

The loading and unloading of armoured vehicles which were transported to the venue was said to have caused several traffic jams, according to reporters who covered the event.

Known as one of the world's top defence and security exhibitions, the event saw a plethora of defence industry companies exhibiting what they had to offer, from firearms to ammunition, vehicles and other state of the art defence technologies.

DSA 2014 concluded on Thursday and will be held again in Kuala Lumpur in 2016.