Teacher allegedly masturbates with boy in school toilet

PHOTO: The Star/Asia News Network

A temporary schoolteacher is being investigated for alleged child molestation at a Chinese primary school in Selangor.

The 27-year-old man, who has since been sacked, was alleged to have engaged in sexual acts, including masturbation, with a Year Three pupil in the school's toilet.

He has been teaching the victim since Year One.

The incident was uncovered on July 17 when the victim turned up late for assembly.

The victim refused to divulge his whereabouts upon questioning, but a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera recorded the victim and the teacher going separately into the teachers' toilet on several occasions.

It is alleged that they would spend about an hour in the toilet each time. When questioned, the teacher admitted to bringing the pupil into the toilet but changed his plea later.

He was sacked from the school several days later.

It is learnt that the school's teachers and parents feared that the teacher could have carried out similar acts in other schools.

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