Tearful girl, 7, confesses that she spent $5 on chicken chop that was 'too delicious' in viral video

Screengrab from Facebook.
PHOTO: Facebook/En Wan

PETALING JAYA - What do you do if the food is good and you want more? You order a second helping.

It's no wonder seven-year-old Nur Amira Amani Mohd Ridwan ended up spending the RM15 (S$4.99) meant for a colouring book on two plates of chicken chop at the school canteen.

A video of the Year One pupil tearfully admitting to her mother that the chicken chop was too delicious, has since gone viral.

In the one-minute and two-second video, Nur Amira's mother, Suzana Dayanna Ali, playfully interrogated the girl asking her what happened to the RM15.

Di bagi RM15 suruh beli buku... buku xnampak tp duit habis... kena soal siasat... 2x chicken chop... 1x mee... 1x aiskrim... hahahaha adik2....

Posted by En Wan on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A sobbing Nur Amira confessed that she had spent it on two plates of chicken chop that was "too delicious", a plate of fried noodles, and ice cream from the school canteen.

"Amira is kind of funny, she's like an entertainer in our family. Her brother and sister like to tease her," father Mohd Ridwan Alias said when contacted by mStar Online, The Star's Malay-language portal.

"The day before she asked for money to buy a colouring book, but there was no colouring book to be found the next day.

"That's why my wife questioned her while recording a video, then she sent it to me," said Mohd Ridwan, who uploaded the video on Facebook.

The 33-year-old said he did not expect the video to receive so much attention.

He also dismissed claims that he uploaded the video to shame his daughter.

"I share the video to capture my memories. If my phone is missing, the video is still kept on Facebook and I like looking back at her videos when I feel stressed," he said.

"We are not abusing or hitting her in the video, we like to joke around. Some people are offended by everything, if do not like it, they can continue scrolling and watch other videos," he said.

Mohd Ridwan said they would give pocket money of RM3 a day to Nur Amira, who goes to a school in Kampung Jawa, Klang.