Teen gives birth 'at home' under bridge

A 19-year-old gave birth under a bridge near the Klang river, where she has been living with her "husband" for months because their families did not approve of their relationship.

The couple, who got married in southern Thailand, made do with old pillows and sheets as their beds, and often went hungry, reported Metro Ahad.

The jobless couple claimed they were happy to live there, just as long as they could be together - despite having to live among alcoholics, runaway teenagers and drug addicts.

Passers-by who sympathised with them have donated supplies such as baby clothes, milk and diapers.

"Apart from a little help from NGOs, there are some who have been kind enough to donate milk for me to feed my baby," said the woman who calls herself Aminah, and hails from Perak.

Her husband Azlan, 31, from Sarawak, said he could not work due to health problems and had no choice but to live there as he could not afford to rent a house.

"I realise that my child is in danger, living in such conditions, but I do not have a choice.

"I just want a shelter, where my family can live together safely," he said.