Tenant refuses to move out

MALAYSIA - A civil servant bought a double-storey house for RM265,000 (S$103, 000) in Taman Sri Bayu, Nibong Tebal, through a bank auction in December 2012 but has yet to move in, Makkal Osai reported.

N. Meyalagan, 30, is in a predicament because the existing tenant has refused to move out and has even threatened him.

He said he had made five police reports and obtained a court order but the tenant is adamant on staying in the house.

Meyalagan said he bought the house in an auction but the auctioneers had failed to inform him of the problems in getting vacant possession.

Meyalagan, who took a bank loan for the house, said the police reports and the court order had failed to compel the tenant to move out.

He said the court bailiff who went to serve the order was informed that the tenant had been a bankrupt since 1997 and the order cannot be executed.