Thief doesn't open gate wide enough, gets stuck while stealing motorbike

MALAYSIA - A surveillance video of a motorbike theft, posted on Facebook, warns about using an electronic gate as the sole security measure in the home.

However, some people debate that the thief and his accomplice failed to steal the motorbike because they were not quick-witted enough.

In the video, two men on a purple motorbike are spotted repeatedly passing by a house, trying to peer into it.

Their intention becomes clear when one of the men hops off the motorbike and slowly creeps into the bushes by the electronic gate.

He slowly makes his way to the gate while looking out for the owners who are in the house. The thief pries open the gate and sneaks into the compound. He is then seen pushing an unlocked motorbike to the gate.

Just as he thought he can get away with his stolen ride, the motorbike's exhaust pipe gets caught on the grills of the gate and the vehicle becomes trapped.

The owner finally notices the theft and charges out to the gate with a garden hoe to chase off the thief.

The panicked man tries to free the bike by forcefully pushing it through the gate and kicks at the gate in a feeble attempt to get it to open wider.

He eventually gives up on the motorbike to escape the angry hoe-wielding owner.