Tony Fernandes set to meet Pope

PHOTO: The Star / Asia News Network

AirAsia boss Tan Sri Tony Fernandes is looking forward to his meeting with Pope Francis this Saturday.

Revealing this on Facebook, Fernandes asked his thousands of followers for ideas on what he should say or ask His Holiness.

"Anthony FRANCIS Fernandes is going to meet Pope Francis on Saturday. What should I say to him or ask him?" he said in a Monday morning posting.

Though he did not explain the reason for the scheduled meeting, Fernandes said the encounter would be a personal highlight for him.

"Met many people in my life, but this will be a highlight. His open mind is something many leaders could learn from," the AirAsia group chief executive officer said, adding that he had never been to the Vatican before.

Fernandes also joked that he would like to swap caps with the Pope.

"Somehow don't feel that will happen, hahaha," he added.

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