Top 10 commonly broken resolutions

With a new year, many may have a renewed sense of commitment in ensuring that the next 12 months will be better than the last, and prepare several goals that they hope to accomplish.

While goal-setting can be important to stretch ourselves, many may be guilty of falling short of our expectations in achieving the things that we set out to do.

People often begin at full throttle in the beginning of the year before finally slowing down as their motivation dwindles over the weeks, eventually failing to fulfil their new year resolutions.

Metro Online Broadcast ( shares some of the commonly broken new year resolutions that we make, in no particular order.

1. Lose weight

Many are guilty of allowing ourselves to get away with excuses, including being busy with work, having family commitments and various other responsibilities to justify our unhealthy lifestyles that contribute to weight gain.

This may include ordering fast food for convenience or not making the time to exercise.

While we may start the new year with enthusiasm by signing up at the gym and going frequently in the first few weeks, the motivation is often temporary before our excuses kick in.

2. Quit smoking

Most smokers may be aware about the dangers of smoking and yet this is not always enough to kick the habit. Quitting is challenging because of several reasons, including the social aspect. Kicking the habit is never easy, so failing to quit smoking is often a new year's resolution that collects dust.

3. Charity work

Helping in charitable causes is one of the ways that we can give back to society and lend a hand to those who need it.

While we tell ourselves that we would like to do some good, many get tied up with their schedules and fail to follow through with the noble intentions.

4. Eat healthier

Eating healthier includes making better decisions food-wise, such as opting for food prepared in a healthier way or observing proper mealtimes.

With some eateries operating round-the-clock, tasty but unhealthy foods are easily accessible.

This makes eating healthy a tough promise to keep, especially if one is always on the go. Be diligent - prepare meals from home and pack fruits as snacks. That way, one can avoid being tempted by a plate of greasy char koay teow at lunch.

5. Travel

Travelling and experiencing new cultures can be exciting and educational. However, it requires one to be disciplined in saving their money, in addition to taking the effort to look for great deals and cheaper lodging alternatives.

While it may be easy to verbalise our holiday wish list to friends and family, a lack of action and commitment results in nothing materialising. Plan ahead and commit.

6. Spend time with loved ones

Life can get hectic and many struggle to find balance between family, friends and work commitments. When spending time with loved ones, remember to be present - this means putting away your gadgets and refraining from checking emails and push-notifications from apps on your smartphone.

7. Save money

Depending on one's lifestyle, saving money can be a challenge for a number of reasons including eating out frequently and splurging on food and drinks to funding our vices such as smoking and gambling. Finding out how much you are spending in areas such as food can motivate people to change their spending habits.

Whip out your calculator; for instance are you spending at least RM10 per day for lunch? That can amount to RM3,650 in a non-leap year. Look into where your money goes - a year's worth of money spent on expensive coffee can amount to a large sum that you can use to help pay off your loans.

8. Learn something new

From learning a new language to picking up a new hobby, learning new things is a way to personal growth. However, amid the excitement of new-year resolutions, one may be overzealous and commit themselves to something without being fully prepared.

9. Read more

Reading quality materials may be something that we try to incorporate into our lives to widen our knowledge as well as improve our understanding of current issues. While affordable books are aplenty, many of us are guilty of buying too many, only to find that most of the tomes on our shelves are only being read by dust bunnies.

10. Self-improvement

From managing stress better to spending time more wisely, we often try to adopt good habits for a better version of ourselves. However, as with many other resolutions, the same fate befalls this goal as others as we struggle to consistently implement healthy new habits before eventually falling back into our old, unhealthy ones.