Torched wax figures to be restored in two months

SHAH ALAM - The Red Carpet @ I-City wax museum will be refurbished within two months at an estimated cost of RM2mil (S$764,442).

The interactive wax museum, where 10 exhibits were destroyed in a fire last week, will have even more figurines by then, Datuk Eu Hong Chew, deputy chairman of I-Berhad, the master developer of I-City, explained.

"It is a sad incident but we will do whatever it takes to refurbish the place and incorporate more wax figures within two months," he said, adding that the cost of doing so was not an issue.

Two of the six sections of the Red Carpet were destroyed in a fire believed started by three men in an act of sabotage last Wednesday. The sections included the world icons and celebrities.

The 10 wax figures destroyed were of Queen Elizabeth, Vladimir Putin, Mao Zedong, Barack Obama, Yasser Arafat, Nelson Mandela, Jackie Chan, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kate Middleton and Prince William.

At a media briefing yesterday, several video clips were shown from CCTV recordings on the arsonists torching the wax figures.

"It was definitely an act of sabotage as the arsonists knew what chemicals to use to torch the wax figures," Eu said, adding that the figures could not be set on fire easily without the right chemicals.

Eu, who did not state the chemical that was used for the fire, said he was leaving the investigations to the police and fire and rescue department.

I-City information manager Tang Soke Ching said it cost almost RM100,000 to make the wax figure of Queen Elizabeth.

At present, some 15 wax figures are displayed at the building's ground floor.