Toy store Hamleys apologises for headscarf incident

PETALING JAYA - The management of toy store Hamleys Malaysia has apologised for an incident where a job applicant was told that female Muslim employees of the company were not allowed to wear headscarves.

Hamleys, in a statement uploaded on its Facebook page Sunday, said it did not have such a policy and welcomed any applicant, regardless of race and religion.

The statement followed a complaint by Malaysian actor and film producer Datuk Rosyam Nor last Thursday on his Twitter account.

"Disappointed! My daughter has just completed her SPM and applied for a job but with a condition she must remove her headscarf. Hamleys toy store," Rosyam tweeted.

Hamleys said an investigation revealed that a staff member who did not have the authority to conduct the interview, gave false information to Rosyam's daughter.

Disciplinary action has been taken against this worker, the company said in the statement.

Meanwhile, Rosyam told mStar that he accepted the apology with an open heart and hoped similar incidents did not recur.

"If there is such discrimination, how are veiled Muslim women going to look for jobs?

"I feel there is no harm in hiring women who wear headscarves," he said.