Trading sex for smartphones

Many young women, including teenagers, were willing to trade their bodies just to get the latest smartphones for free, said Metro Ahad in an exclusive report.

Mobile phone dealers in Kuala Lumpur were shocked with such barter trade.

A smartphone dealer, known only as Arif, claimed to have encountered a teenage girl and a 23-year-old woman who wanted a Samsung phone and an iPhone 5S by offering sex as payment.

"I was initially shocked and thought they were joking. But they were adamant about their offer and said that I would be losing out if I didn't take up the chance," he claimed, adding that he decided not to go along with it.

Another dealer, Zuraidi, said women would sometimes offer sex for phones, adding that they would proposition him via text messages.

"I am a businessman and not a sex maniac. There is no need for such offers," he said.

A Metro Ahad reporter had posed as an online dealer and screen captured his WhatsApp conversations with several women who offered sex in exchange for the latest handphones.