Tragic end for student who went to pick up girlfriend

KUALA LUMPUR - It was supposed to be happiness for a sweet student couple Sia Chin Shin and his girlfriend Kwan Chin Yii from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

But tragedy struck when both were killed on the bus that plunged down the ravine at Genting Highlands Wednesday.

Sia, 22, had gone up to Genting Highlands to accompany Kwan, also 22, down from the resort after she had just finished her stint as a part-time worker. Sia was from Tampin while Kwan from Segamat. Both were classmates studying computer science.

According to a relative of Sia who did not want to be named, Sia took an overnight bus up to Genting Highlands against his father's will to pick up his girlfriend.

"He stayed there overnight with Kwan. The following day before they checked out of the hotel, he called his mother saying he was on his way back," she said.

A childhood friend of Sia, who only wanted to be known as Goh, said Sia's family suspected something was wrong when they failed to reach him on his cellphone.

According to Kwan's father Chee Keong, 53, his daughter had been working for two weeks in Genting Highlands to earn some pocket money.

"It was a part-time job selling souvenirs. It was only for two weeks as it was now her semester break," he said when met at Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

Chee Keong said that the last time his daughter called home was on Tuesday, a day before the accident.

"She called to tell us that she would be staying for another day with her friends after she finished her part-time job," he added.

Meanwhile, Kampar-born Suki Low, 19, who went to the resort to meet her friend for lunch, also died.

Her aunt Jackie Low said: "She arrived there at around noon and left after lunch. She was a very friendly and helpful girl."