Tricky and deadly stretch 'not a designated accident zone'

GENTING HIGHLANDS - The road where the tragic bus accident took place is well-known as a "tricky" place to manoeuvre.

Motorists said the steep hill and sharp bends in the area requires one to have the most skilful techniques to steer a vehicle safely.

The road conditions become even worse when it rains, as it makes the sharp, slippery corners a high-risk area for accidents to happen.

Engineer Ahmad Kadafi, 29, who travels up to Genting Highlands whenever he is free, said sometimes bad weather conditions and thick mist could reduce visibility and make the roads slippery.

"I love to drive along this road as it is full of corners and very exciting. The sharp corners and hillslopes mean both the driver and machine are tested," he said.

As for businessman Dwayne Ho, 30, he believed that only skilled dri­vers should drive up the highland roads.

"New drivers do not know the capabilities of their cars and speed. They are not aware that a few kilometres per hour can make a life or death difference," he said.

He said motorists also needed to check their vehicles before making a trip as brake and gear failures would lead to dire circumstances for anyone travelling along the road.

Bentong OCPD Supt Mohd Mansor Mohd Norr said that stretch was not a designated accident zone.

"The stretch is a high-risk area due to the steep gradient and sharp corners," he said while advising motorists to drive cautiously in the area.

This is the second major accident in the area. On Dec 31, 1996, 30 people were injured when a bus crashed into a ravine at Km4 near the Chin Swee Cave Temple while on its way to Kuala Lumpur.