'Trim n fit' programme to help Malaysian cops combat obesity


KUALA LUMPUR - The police want to get fit, but the hurdles include nasi lemak, roti canai and kuih.

The core problem revealed itself three weeks after the launch of Trim N Fit, a pilot project to combat obesity in the force.

"Exercising is hard, but it is not as hard as following a diet.

"Most of them initially thought that exercising was tough, but it turns out that 'clean eating' is harder," said Bukit Aman management director Comm Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah at a two-day camp held at the Police Training Centre here yesterday.

However, that did not deter 35 participants from the Bukit Aman's management department from striving harder.

"They are doing very well and we are excited to see where this is heading. Everyone's working so hard," he said, adding that the first weigh-in is a week away.

Comm Zulkilfli said there were also plans to lengthen the programme for participants who failed to achieve their target.

"We want everyone to succeed. No one will be left alone in this.

"We hope we will manage to fine-tune this fitness programme and implement it by year-end.

Speaking on her experience, Asst Supt Zaulin Zaiza Ismail, 38, said the first two weeks of the programme were "horrible".

"I started to get the hang of it after regularly hitting the gym and watching what I eat.

"I feel good about this programme.

"Sometimes, we are not even aware how far we have let ourselves go," she said.

Sjn Abu Bakar Ahmad said that ever since he started on a healthier diet and a workout regime, he had lost about 2kg of his then 103kg frame.

"Honestly, I wasn't even aware that I was obese until I went for a medical check-up.

"I am really grateful to be part of this project," he said.

The programme was launched on Jan 6. The objective is to ensure overweight policemen lose about 5 per cent to 10 per cent of their weight, body fat and waistline within six months.

If the fat stays, the personnel and officers risk not getting promoted or confirmed.