Tsunami miracle baby to start form 1

Then and now: Annalmary carrying baby Thulaashi days after she survived the killer waves back in 2004, and 12 years on, Thulaashi trying on her new school uniform with mum’s help.

Tsunami 'miracle baby' S. Thulaashi is looking forward to starting her next chapter of education at St George's Girls' School in Macalister Road here next year.

"I can't wait to start Form One. I'm excited to make new friends and to gain more experience in a new environment. I'm grateful to be alive every day.

"I don't remember what happened the day of the tsunami as I was only a baby but from what my parents told me, I know it was quite a miracle," the bubbly 12-year-old girl said when met at her family's Miami Beach cafe in Batu Ferringhi yesterday.

Thulaashi was only 22 days old when the tsunami hit the cafe along the Miami Beach shoreline on Dec 26, 2004.

She was sleeping on a mattress when a giant wave carried the mattress out to sea and a second wave then brought it back with her still sound asleep.

Earlier yesterday, the aspiring scientist, who scored 5As and 3Bs in her UPSR, registered for the new school term at the school.

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Her parents A. Suppiah, 69, and L. Annalmary, 54, accompanied their youngest daughter to purchase new school uniforms.

Suppiah said Thulaashi had come a long way since the tsunami incident.

"Now 12 years down the road, she is starting her next phase of education soon.

"We support her in whatever she does and hope she leads a fulfilling and happy life," he said.

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Suppiah said the family would hold an atma shanti pooja prayer at the beach at 1pm on Monday which was the time the tsunami hit Penang.

"Holding the thanksgiving prayers has been our annual tradition. We are grateful for Thulaashi's safety," he said.