Two dads in Malaysia disown deadbeat kids

KUALA LUMPUR - Lorry driver Choy Khoo Yee, 64, was so fed up of the agony brought upon the family by his debt-laden daughter that he decided to disown her.

Sharing his ordeal at a press conference with MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong at Wisma MCA yesterday, Choy said he had been paying for his daughter's RM48,000 (S$15,868) debt to loan sharks since 2006.

Yesterday, he vowed to pay the last payment of RM12,000, including interest, and to sever ties with the 33-year-old Lai Fong.

"She doesn't work now but she has money. I have always suspected that something was amiss.

"True enough, she borrowed money from loan sharks for her personal use," Choy said.

The family has lived in fear due to Lai Fong's debts.

On Sept 8, loan sharks locked the front gate of their house and splashed red paint on Lai Fong's sister's car.

"She was also involved in a fund embezzlement case during her last job.

"We had to pay back what she had taken from people to avoid her arrest, but she never learns from her mistakes.

"My other children said they would leave the family if we did not disown Lai Fong," a teary-eyed Choy added.

At the same press conference, another father, Wang Ah Watt, 66, also disowned his son Wang Ngiap Fu, 28.

The retiree said he had paid RM60,000 to loan sharks to settle his son's gambling debts in May.

But the harrassment did not stop as the loan sharks claimed they had Ngiap Fu in their custody and demanded another RM15,000.

"When I finally saw him, he was bruised all over. The loan sharks must have beaten him.

"I kicked him out of the house and I don't want anything to do with him," Wang said.

Chong said a total of 428 debt-related cases had been recorded by the bureau this year, with loans totalling more than RM40mil.