Uber driver charged with extortion over abduction of pastor in Malaysia

Pastor Raymond Koh (right) and his wife, Susanna Liew.
PHOTO: The Star/Asia News Network

PETALING JAYA - A part-time Uber driver has claimed trial in the magistrate's court here to extorting the son of missing Pastor Raymond Koh Kong Jee.

Pastor abducted in Malaysia

  • Malaysian pastor Raymond Koh, 62, was abducted while on his way to a friend’s house on Feb 13.
  • CCTV footage believed to be of the incident has surfaced, showing at least 15 men and three black SUVs involved in the abduction.
  • The abduction took only 40 seconds and was executed with military-like precision, according to a video going viral on social media.
  • Three black vehicles are seen intercepting and surrounding Koh’s car on three sides, forcing it to stop.
  • At least 15 abductors were involved in what appears to be a well-planned operation.
  • At least eight men exit the vehicles, some of them with tools, while another gets out from one of the sedans and appears to be filming the operation.
  • When the men reach Koh’s car, there is a struggle, the vehicle jerks forward and a loud crash is heard, according to the narration.
  • All that can be seen is men running about and the front passenger door being opened.
  • Seconds later, all the vehicles are driven away, including the pastor’s car, with the motorcycles trailing.
  • The operation also involved two other cars and two motorcycles, which trailed behind for control and traffic diversion.
  • Earlier, a hatchback seems to have stumbled upon the abduction from behind. It is immediately blocked by the sedans.
  • A hooded man comes out from one sedan and appears to threaten the driver of the hatchback.
  • The hatchback can then be seen quickly reversing down the road, with one of the motorcycles being ridden towards it.

Lam Chang Nam, 31, was charged with extorting Jonathan Koh Szu Hao, 33, of RM30,000 (S$9,538) for the purpose of releasing his father.

Lam is charged with committing the offence at Paradigm Mall at 8.46pm on March 6 and was accused under Section 385 of the Penal Code.

The accused's counsel, Datin Raj Preet Kaur, asked for bail, but the court refused to grant it.

Magistrate Mohd Azali Ibrahim fixed April 26 for mention.

Koh was abducted from his car by a group of men along Jalan SS4B/10, Petaling Jaya on Feb 13.

A CCTV video, which captured the abduction, showed three black SUVs stopping in the middle of the road.

Shortly after that, two of the SUVs were driven away followed by a light-coloured car, believed to be Koh's Honda Accord and the other SUV.

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