Umno expels five members

KUALA LUMPUR - Five Umno members were yesterday expelled with immediate effect after they were found guilty of betraying the party.

They are Baharim Abdullah from the Kuala Pilah division, Abdul Mohsin Mohd Sharif and Mohamad Amri Che Ad (Tasek Gelugor), Hassan Bahri Mat Isa (Jempol) and Zulkifli Zakaria (Bachok).

Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who announced their expulsion after the party's supreme council meeting, said they were involved in activities such as sabotaging the party as well as campaigning for the opposition during the general election in May last year.

"Umno's disciplinary board had thoroughly scrutinised their cases and is satisfied that these five had been proven to have breached the party's rules and regulations."

Najib said Umno had been very clear on its stand as a party and members needed to abide by its rules and regulations.

He said the five had been notified of the disciplinary action taken against them.

"While they can still appeal the decision, there is a time limit for them to do so."

The appeal, however, would no longer be valid if they contested as independent candidates, added Najib.