Umno VP Hisham: Show proof of conspiracy

TEMERLOH - Evidence must be shown to prove there is a plot to topple the Government, says Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Hisham­muddin Hussein.

He said just stating that there was such a conspiracy would not convince the people, especially party members.

"This is a very serious matter that has to be discussed by the party's top leadership. I am confident that the Deputy Prime Minister has certain evidence," he said after opening the Kuala Krau Umno delegates meeting here yesterday.

Hishammuddin was responding to Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's statement that an Umno and Barisan Nasional leader was trying to topple the government.

Hishammuddin added that he did not want the matter to become a polemic among the party members before it was brought up with the leadership.

"I hope the grassroots can leave it to the leadership to convince them with hard evidence. We cannot go wrong if we go along the lines of the law, the truth and rationality," he said.

On the national consultative committee on political funding, Hisham­muddin said it could not be selective and focus solely on Umno.

"We cannot be hypocritical in this matter. The Opposition parties must also be transparent.

"Let everyone come forward sincerely without pointing fingers only at Umno. Let it be fair across the board as we also want to know how the Opposition gets its funding," he said.

In his speech, he said the dropping of ministers in the Cabinet reshuffle was not something new.

He said his grandfather Onn Jaafar had willingly put aside his personal interest and left Umno when his vision was not accepted by the party.

"He did not cause chaos for the country or belittle the party leadership. That is because the struggle is not about individuals."