Uncovered manhole menace

The manhole next to this broken toilet bowl is missing its cover.

MANHOLES left uncovered at some parking boxes along Jalan 13/4 and Jalan 13/2 has resulted in cars driving into them totally unaware, even in daytime.

Workshop supervisor T. Jothi Rajah, who works in Jalan 13/4, said he had seen a few such incidents over the past few months and that the situation started last year.

He said he had lodged complaints at Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) but he had neither seen any remedy to the situation nor had he heard from the council.

MBPJ has yet to clear the construction waste at Jalan 13/4.

He added that each time a car got stuck in the open manhole, the vehicle owner would seek help from workers of nearby shops to lift the car out.

During a site visit, StarMetro spotted a number of uncovered manholes and motorists in the know would skilfully avoid the manholes.

It is believed that the metal covers were stolen to be sold as scrap metal.

The uncovered manholes are only one of the problems plaguing the side of the street where cars park.

A stretch in Jalan 13/4 is also littered with illegally dumped construction waste, which is occupying multiple parking bays.

"There are tiles, concrete pieces and even broken toilet bowls as well as basins," said Jothi.

The mounds of rubbish were partially cleared by MBPJ last week.

Apart from these issues, the drain at the junction of Jalan 13/4 and Lorong 13/4A has collapsed, causing water in the drain to be stagnant.

People working in the vicinity are worried this may turn into breeding ground for mosquitoes, particularly Aedes.

"This drain collapsed more than a year ago and despite us making complaints to MBPJ last year, nothing has been done," Jothi said.

Beside the collapsed drain, there is a pool of hardened paint which workers believe has been there for months.

Due to these problems, parking spaces are limited and some workers have to arrive as early as 6.30am just to get a parking spot.

When contacted, MBPJ councillor Lee Suet Sen said that he was unaware of these matters and did not see any of the complaints lodged.

"This is the first I am hearing of it and I will see to it that immediate action be taken," he assured.

He also said that he would speak to the engineering team about repairing the collapsed drain, but that would take longer as plans had to be drawn up and tenders to be called first.