Unlucky groom spends first night in lock-up

ALOR SETAR - A groom had to spend his first night in the lock-up after he helped one of his friends evade arrest during his wedding reception.

The 35-year-old groom had created a diversion to distract a police team who were there to arrest a wanted man at a hotel's ballroom in Jalan Putra on Sunday.

Kota Setar district police chief Asst Comm Mohd Rozi Jidin said they nabbed the groom at his house here early yesterday morning.

"A police team had gone to the ballroom at about 10pm on Sunday to arrest the man who was wanted for numerous crimes.

"A scuffle took place and the groom threw a glass at my men, injuring one of the officers on his left hand.

"During the commotion, the wanted man fled using the back door of the hotel," he said.

ACP Mohd Rozi said another commotion also broke out when they arrested the groom at his house, and they had to call for back-up.

"His family members recorded the whole thing and we believe it will soon go viral.

"Such intimidation will not stop us from carrying out our responsibilities.

"Those who break the law or try to stop the police from carrying out their duties will have to face the law," he said.