Use right channel to report police wrongdoing, says JIPS

PETALING JAYA - Use the right channels to report corruption and misconduct cases involving police personnel.

That is the message that the Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (JIPS) wants to convey to Malaysians who use social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, to "report" such cases.

"They like seeing things go viral but will not lodge a report to the relevant authority. If you sincerely want to help us correct our wrongs, we urge you to use the right channel and contact us directly," said JIPS director Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Zubaidah Md Ismail.

She said while there were bad apples in the force, there were also honest policemen.

She said it was not easy to deal with corruption and abuse of power but JIPS was taking its role very seriously.

Among the checks being conducted are random urine checks and the deployment of "mystery shoppers" to test the services provided by police personnel to catch them for graft or poor delivery of service.

"Mystery shopping is a powerful method to measure quality of service, or compliance with regulation.

"Those being evaluated would not know the mystery consumer's specific identity and purpose. A detailed report will be sent to us. If the officer excels, his work will be acknowledged. If he fails, action will be taken against him," she said.

SDCP Zubaidah said JIPS would monitor all wrongdoing involving police personnel and not just focus on corruption.

"We don't just want our men to reject bribes, we also want them to be good in their duties," she said.

To report, inquire or give information and suggestions, please visit www., e-mail, call 1800-880-222, fax 03-22668790 or send a letter to:

Ketua Penolong Pengarah JIPS (Pengurusan Aduan)

Jabatan Integriti dan Pematuhan Standard

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