Ustaz's aide: Sex video fake, meant to tarnish image of Islam, scholars

PETALING JAYA - An aide to well-known Ustaz Azhar Idrus blamed non-Islamic programmes such as the recent "I Want to Touch a Dog" event for tarnishing the image of the religion and its scholars.

Zulkifli Wahab said there was a trend of late to tarnish the role of the ustaz and ulama.

He said the increased awareness and interest among Muslims in Malaysia to attend religious programmes and talks have led to some quarters "feeling uneasy."

The "I Want to Touch a Dog" programme, was a "dirty tactic" to smear the name of ulama, the Islamic faith and to weaken Islam in Malaysia, Zulkifli was quoted as saying in the Malay-language portal BH Online.

Zulkifli was responding to a viral video clip showing a man resembling the bearded Azhar being intimate in bed with a young woman.

Denying that the "actor" in the video was Azhar, Zulkifli said it was an attempt by "certain quarters" to prevent the spread of missionary work in the community and to tarnish the image of ulama.

"No, don't believe it. It is an effort to tarnish not just Azhar, but the ulama in the country," BH Online quoted him as saying.

Zulkifli said Azhar's ceramah programmes would not be affected by the distribution of the video clip.