Vastu Sastra expert predicts jet will be found by Saturday

KUALA LUMPUR - Astrologically, the missing MH370 jetliner is likely to be found on or before Saturday, said seventh generation astrologer and Vasthu Sastra master Yuvaraj Sowma. He said this was based on the current alignment of the planets, sun and stars.

"All the energy and efforts put in by people in the search for the aircraft will see some success starting tomorrow (Thursday). Thursday is governed by the planet Jupiter, which gives out positive vibrations and the best day in the week," said Yuvaraj from Chennai.

The aircraft went missing on an inauspicious day (March 8 Saturday), which was Ashtami, the eighth day of the Hindu lunar calendar.

"Based on scriptures, days are numbered according to the state of the moon and the eighth day after the new moon is regarded as unfavour­able," he said.

In India, he said people often referred to their astrology reading to pick an auspicious period based on their moon sign to determine their travel and not on their gut feelings.

Yuvaraj also said that an indivi­dual's horoscope became inapplicable when a person was not in touch with earth energy or far away from the ground.

Global prayers in all faiths could enhance the chances of finding the missing MAS plane, he added.