Video of alleged 'emergency lane' road bullies on North-South Expressway goes viral

The confrontation was de-escalated by a passing motorist.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Youtube

PETALING JAYA - A video clip showing an alleged road-bullying incident on the North-South Expressway has gone viral on social media.

The three-minute dashcam footage clip shows a person behind the wheel refusing to give way to a car driving on the emergency lane to cut into traffic.

Two cars - both of which were driving on the emergency lane - eventually overtake the car with the dashcam and block its path.

Three men then emerge from the two vehicles. One shouts angrily at the driver while another picks up a steering wheel lock and brandishes it menacingly.

While there is apparent aggressive behaviour from the duo, no one is harmed in the encounter.

A motorcyclist then steps in to calm the situation and the three men return to their vehicles.

According to the time stamp in the clip, the incident allegedly happened on Monday (Jan 13) at 3.27pm.

Captions embedded in the video indicate that the incident happened near Gua Tempurung heading towards Kuala Lumpur.

The actions of the alleged road bullies were criticised in the comments on social media platforms.

A spokesperson from the Kampar district police told The Star on Thursday (Jan 16) that a police report had yet to be lodged over the incident.