Video of 'beautiful ice cream seller' goes viral

PETALING JAYA - A video of a university student on a motorcycle helping her father sell ice cream in Langkawi has gone viral.

The video and photos of Noor Syamimi Azhari, 22, a biology student at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) selling ice cream to promote her father's business, have been shared thousands of times through many popular Facebook pages and news portals.

Noor Syamimi has also been dubbed "Si cantik penjual aiskrim" (Beautiful ice cream seller).

Noor Syamimi reportedly said her father had raised her and sent her to school through his ice cream business.

Even though Noor Syamimi is in her final year at UPM, she said that she wanted to repay her father by helping him with his business.

She said she has been selling ice cream since finishing secondary school, and continues to help during her university semester breaks.