Video of brave woman in snatch theft a re-enactment

The woman kneeing the ‘robber’ in the stomach as seen from a video grab.

PETALING JAYA - Many would be disappointed to find out that the viral video of a woman putting up a brave fight against snatch thieves in her house compound was, in fact, a mere re-enactment.

The video, which was shared on the Malaysian Crime Awareness Campaign's Facebook page, clearly states that the video was a re-enactment for educational purposes.

It had been shared on Facebook more than 4,200 times and caught the attention of many who commended the woman for defending herself.

The one-minute video showed a woman parking her car in her house porch, while a motorcycle is seen observing the car as she drives in.

As the woman gets out of her car, the pillion rider gets off the motorcycle and slips into the house compound just before the gate shuts.

He then proceeds to snatch her handbag, but the woman tries to cling on to it. Unable to do so, she retaliates and springs into action, kneeing the robber in the stomach and kicking him to the ground.

She then starts pounding on the man until his accomplice comes to his aid by threatening her with a knife.

She flees into the safety of her house as the crooks left after their failed attempt to rob the woman.

Several users commented on the video which was uploaded on YouTube, including Suraya Khan, who posted: "I salute this girl and wish to react like her in the same situation!"