Video of dead banker angers FB users

Police investigating the shooting of Hussain Ahmad Najadi.

PETALING JAYA - A video taken minutes after banker Hussain Ahmad Najadi was shot dead has been uploaded on Facebook - an act that has earned the disgust of some of the social networking site's users.

Some termed it as being disrespectful to the victim and his family while others asked for it to be removed.

Cindy Antoinette Fernandez commented on the video, saying that the video was "very disrespectful to the victim and family".

Sun Line wrote: "There was no reason to upload it, nor share it. Those who did should be more sensitive on matters like personal grief in future."

"The video shouldn't be uploaded in the first place as it is insensitive to do so," said Desmond Yap Weei Kee.

Mohd Hilmi Hassan wrote: "Tolong delete video ni (Please delete this video)."

The 30-second video shows Najadi on the ground of the parking lot covered in blood.

There is also a woman, believed to be his 49-year-old wife, cradling his head on her lap as she sits slumped on the ground.

The woman appears to have a wound on her arm, which fits Kuala Lumpur CID deputy chief ACP Khairi Ahrasa's statement that Najadi's wife was hit in the left wrist and right thigh.

Najadi was shot at close range and died at the scene.

The video also shows an unidentified woman checking his pulse and comforting the distraught woman, as several bystanders look on.

Another user Woei Hern commended the unidentified woman.

"I'm glad at least one person put a consoling arm around her," she wrote.