Video of 'disabled' man staging accident in Malaysia goes viral

PHOTO: Facebook/Ng Jhen Hau

PETALING JAYA - A video depicting a middle-aged man masquerading as a disabled person and staging an accident at SS2 here has made rounds on social media.

Ng Jhen Hau, who posted the video on Facebook, claimed that the alleged cheat had driven in the opposing lane with an electric scooter, and attempted to knock into his car.

"I managed to stop in time, he came and 'touched' my car, stood up then lay down on the road.

"As soon as I told him I have a dashcam installed (which is not true), he immediately jumped up and sat on his electric scooter, claiming that he's handicapped," Ng said in the Facebook post on Wednesday (July 11).

Ng explained that he lied about the dashcam in his car, just to stop the alleged cheat from lying down on the road.

Ng told The Star that he had since lodged a police report over the matter.

The post had garnered more than 613,000 views and over 11,400 shares at time of writing.

The alleged cheat's modus operandi bore an uncanny resemblance towards similar incidents in China, where scammers would stage an accident and subsequently demand a hefty sum of compensation from unfortunate drivers.

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