Video: Men snatch 5-year-old from mum on Malaysia street

A five-year-old Malaysian boy was snatched from his mother as she was taking him to kindergarten on Friday morning.

According to Free Malaysia Today (FMT), the boy and his mother were on a street in Kajang, Malaysia, when they were approached by two men asking for directions.

CCTV footage taken from across the road shows one of the men talking to the mother as the boy waits next to her. Just as she was speaking, the man suddenly distracts her by pointing to his accomplice. He then stoops down quickly, grabs the boy and runs off.

The mother gives chase but the accomplice pushes her and she falls to the ground. The men then throw the boy into a black Proton Saga car and speed off before the woman can even get back onto her feet.

Although the parents have lodged a police report, the boy is still missing. FMT reported that the license plate on the car was a stolen one, making it even more difficult to locate the car and the kidnappers.