A video of smash-and-grab in Johor Baru has gone viral

Using a knife, the robber took just 10 seconds to remove a car window, throw it aside, and make off with the driver's handbag, The Star reported.

The driver was in the car while all this happened.

Those who watched the video were amazed by the swiftness of the act as the thief, along with an accomplice, rode up to the woman's car on a motorcycle.

Netizens were stunned at how easily the thief could run away with the loot.

Other online comments were directed at the driver. Many felt she should have acted faster by moving her car so the thief would not be able to steal her bag.

Police said the victim, 32, had lodged a report of the incident the same day. They said the robber had threatened the driver with a knife.

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