Video of tiger killing youth at Delhi zoo goes viral

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia - A youth in his early twenties was reportedly mauled to death by an endangered white tiger at the New Delhi Zoo on Tuesday, reports the Times of India.

It is not confirmed whether the youth accidentally fell into the tiger enclosure while taking photos of the rare animal, or if he was under the influence of alcohol and jumped into the enclosure.

A video of the incident, filmed on a mobile phone by a bystander, which has since gone viral, shows the tiger standing in front of the youth and occasionally pawing at and sniffing him.

The youth is seen curled up in fear against the enclosure wall and also seen praying.

The tiger seemed momentarily distracted by onlookers who were shouting at it. The animal then suddenly pounced on the youth and dragged him to the far end of the enclosure, before mauling him to death.

The video footage shows that the barrier of the enclosure was low, and several onlookers are seen climbing over the barrier to witness the incident.

Delhi police are currently investigating the incident.

According to expert advice, when you are face-to-face with a tiger, you should keep still and quiet, as tigers are more likely to spot you if you move.

If a tiger is stalking you, you can either try to hide from it, or you can stand up tall and face animal while making as much noise and looking as aggressive as possible.

However, if a tiger tries to attack you, grab a rock or any other object within reach and hit the tiger in the face and shout as loud as you can. Tigers do not like to hunt prey that can fight back.