Videos of alleged gang members' funerals being uploaded on the Internet

PETALING JAYA - Video recordings from funerals of people believed to be gang members are being uploaded on the Internet, along with specially created video montages as "obituaries".

In most of the videos seen on YouTube, groups of men who are allegedly part of gangs like "Gang 36" and "Gang 0408" take to the streets during the funeral processions.

The videos depicted them on motorcycles and in modified cars, travelling in groups and holding up traffic at some spots along the way, sometimes for several minutes.

Those present at the funerals would generally be dressed in black.

They would place firecrackers before the hearse and set them alight, creating much noise as they danced at the same time.

One video posted on June 9 last year runs for nearly nine minutes.

It showed the funeral of a person allegedly with "Gang 0408" in Menglembu, Perak.

The posting has garnered 287,938 views, with some YouTube viewers voicing their disapproval of the manner in which the funeral was organised.

"These teenagers are just embarrassing my race, religion and country. In Hinduism, there is no such practice as fire crackers and dancing at funerals," someone wrote.

There was a video montage of images "in loving memory of" their deceased gang member, which attracted mixed remarks from viewers.

A few videos were from various dates last year, while some others dated as far back as four years ago.

Some of the videos with poorer audio visual quality appeared to have been secretly filmed by passers-by.