'Violent' nanny rocks netizens

GEORGE TOWN - A Facebook posting by an aggrieved mother who claimed that her confinement lady had violently shaken her newborn has raised the ire of netizens.

The post, which also had a 10-second video believed to be a closed circuit television recording with English and Chinese captions, had gone viral since it was uploaded at 7.14am yesterday.

From the video, a lady holding a newborn in her arms could be seen rocking the baby slowly before proceeding to shake it violently.

The mother, with the Facebook name Vengy Chan from Alor Setar, Kedah, described the confinement lady as inhumane.

"I treat her very well and let my maid to do all the works, she only like chef cooking and take care of my baby. I thought she will appreciate and take good care of my baby. This is my return," she posted.

Chan also published the name, MyKad number, telephone number and origin of the confinement lady in her post. A call to the number went straight into voice mail.

Most netizens condemned the act and some urged the mother to bring the baby to a hospital for a check up to make sure everything was alright.

Others suggested that a police report be made over the incident. However, some netizens commented that instead of hiring someone, mothers should take care of their own babies.

Baby found at rubbish trap In Balik Pulau, a baby's body with the umbilical cord still attached was found at the rubbish trap of a sewage treatment plant in Lebuhraya Batu Maung near here.

OCPD Supt Anuar Omar said police received a call from an Indah Water Konsortium worker reporting the find at 12.15pm yesterday.

"Our investigations showed that the baby of undetermined sex was born less than 48 hours ago," he said when contacted yesterday.

Supt Anuar added that the body could have been flushed from a nearby residential area before reaching the sewage plant.

Those with information about the case can contact the district police headquarters at 04-8662222 or any police station.