Wardrobe malfunction unintentional, says Sabah transsexual

PHOTO: Video screengrab

KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia - A transsexual who was caught showing her breast while singing at a mall here said in a Facebook post that the wardrobe malfunction was unintentional.

The transsexual, who posted an apology on an account with the user name Papai CiEcie (Puteri Cici Cutez) on Friday said her breast was accidentally exposed when she bent down towards the microphone.

She urged people not to spread the video and assured that she was going to meet the police as the case is currently being investigated, adding that she decided to sing to entertain the crowd and help the buskers raise money.

Meanwhile, Kota Kinabalu City police chief Asst Comm M. Chandra said that the police was still trying to locate the woman in the video to record her statement.

Asked about her gender identity, he said that viewers should not make presumptions as to her gender.

"As far as the police are concern her outlook and outfit refers to a female gender," he added.

Chandra said that the police are also looking for a 24-year old man going by the name of Ravidi Jubaidi in connection with the incident.