We knew of stall selling dog meat for years, Sibu townsfolk say

Seized: The raiding team taking away a box of dog meat from the suspect.
PHOTO: The Star/ Asia News Network

SIBU - Most townsfolk, especially neighbours of the man who was picked up for trading in dog meat, are aware of the "exotic stall".

And so, news spread fast shortly after the 54-year-old's arrest, becoming a subject of coffeeshop talk.

A neighbour, who wished to be known as Sim, said complaints had been lodged before the arrest.

"It is not because of the nature of the business but because of the noise from his customers.

"Most go there for their drinking sessions until the wee hours, creating a nuisance in the neighbourhood," he said.

Sim, 40, said the regular drinkers usually ordered dog meat.

The stall also sells chicken, pork and fish dishes.

Asked how often the dog meat was available there, Sim said: "Almost every night for the past two years."

He recalled that the stall began as a tuck shop. A kindergarten was just opposite the man's house.

"Later, he converted it into a food stall and it only opens at night," he added.

As to how much the man charged for the meat, Sim said bluntly: "I was never a customer, so I don't know."

A 50-year-old woman, known as Wong, said she was aware of the stall and what was sold there for some time.

"If I am not mistaken, the man took over the shop from his late parents," she said.

On Tuesday, the man was arrested during a joint operation by the police, Sibu Municipal Council and state Veterinary Department.

The raiding team seized two chunks of dog meat.

Police are investigating the case for causing mischief by killing or maiming an animal.

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