From wedding anniversary to funeral for couple

JOHOR BARU - They were supposed to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary two months ago but housewife Chen Yuek Chan couldn't as she was taken ill and subsequently died.

A few days later, her depressed husband Soo Yu Cheng took his own life.

Their son Soo Hui, 45, was shocked to find his father's body hanging in his room at their home in Taman Tasek here yesterday morning.

Five months earlier, the elderly couple had visited their daughter in the United States, but Chen fell ill and had to remain in a US hospital.

"My father returned to Malaysia as his visa had expired, forcing him to leave my sickly mother there," Soo Hui said, adding that Chen died on Oct 30.

Yu Cheng left a note asking for his wedding photo to be posted at the Tiong Hua Baru Crematorium, he said.

A wake will be held after Chen's body arrives today.

"The funeral will take place on Friday," Soo Hui said.

In an unrelated case, PhD scholar Fong Chik Foong, 33, was found dead in his home in Segamat with a plastic bag placed over his head.

Fong's mother, Tey Shu Phua, 54, found two cylinders releasing hydrogen gas near her son's body.

"When I knocked on his door, he didn't answer," she recalled. "I felt something amiss, so I opened the door and found him with the plastic bag around his face," she said.

Tey said she discovered a note written by Fong in Chinese, detailing how he did not want the family to be sad and that he had left some money for his siblings and parents.

Fong, who was to report for duty as a lecturer on Dec 1, was in the midst of completing his PhD. He had just returned from Scotland about a year ago after completing his Masters in Mathematics there.

A close friend of Tey, who declined to be named, said that the mother had been upset as Fong had failed to get a high-paying job since returning to the country.